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My name is I-Ping Yeo but I write in my alter ego Ashley Yeo cos when I first started online, I was too shy to be me. Silly! Now that my whole website and brand is built on Ashley Yeo, I am gonna stick with it (cos I am too lazy to change it and too much money has been spent on Ashley Yeo) and spread some sweet cheer!

I am a previously jaded ex-lawyer and now positively charged mummy and solopreneur who founded I am the content creator and boss girl at I produce and publish content under my brand Ashley Yeo.

Ashley Yeo is a “fictional” character who is very different from me in personality. I am formal and boring while Ashley Yeo attempts to live a bit more dangerously but within acceptable boundaries. I produce content mainly about homeschooling, education, digital and online learning, self-care, gratitude, ikigai (Japanese term for “reason to be”), infectious happiness strategies, passion, positivity, planning, and productivity for moms. And I also share boss girl e-commerce strategies I am testing, and resources I am using, on my own small boss girl indie business.

My side hustle is to conjure seriously juicy journals, notebooks, planners, coloring stuff, printables, and pretty kawaii products out of love, peaches, and cream.