How to Set a Routine

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How to Set a Routine

Lack of routine or structure to your day can be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. The mere thought of living the same day over and over again can be exhausting. However, once you set a routine made up of good habits and things that’ll make you feel better – there’s no going back!

How to Set a Routine

Why Create a Routine?

Well, sitting at home all day can make life feel meaningless and purposeless. So, it’s natural that many people even struggle to get out of their beds, but ultimately have to because of work and other commitments.

Creating a routine doesn’t revolve around just completing your daily tasks such as doing office work or taking classes – it is much more than that. Establishing a daily routine is not only a self-investment, but it’s a way to be truly productive rather than just doing what’s necessary.

Creating a routine gives your day structure, helps build forward-moving habits, and creates momentum that carries you on days when you don’t feel like you have the strength. Not only does having a routine help you keep track of your goals, but it also helps you prioritize your goals, limit procrastination and become healthier.

Here’s something extremely important for you to remember when creating a daily routine for yourself: what works for someone else, might not work for you. Not everyone can wake up at 6 a.m. to go for a jog or run.

Forcing yourself to commit to certain habits that don’t suit you will prevent you from enjoying your life. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to carefully choose activities that resonate most with you to include in your daily routine.

How to Set a Routine?

Setting a routine can be a tough job, but this list can help you create one that you like and maybe even appreciate.

Make a List

While mental lists work well, it is only by putting your goals and tasks in writing that you will remember what you need to get done. Your daily routine should start by creating a list, both in your home and work life. You don’t need to get too concerned about organizing this list, just simply jot down everything you need to get done.

It can be hard to remember all the tasks to accomplish in a single sitting, so it’s best to carry around a notebook to take notes throughout the day.

Structure Your Day

Early birds definitely get things done more effectively. In fact, they have enough time to accomplish a myriad of tasks. On the other hand, night owls get their creative juices running when the world around them falls asleep. Think about the kind of person you are and when you work best. Grouping your tasks into the time of day that’s comfortable for you will ensure that you can easily complete them.

Mornings are great to get basic things done, especially household chores such as cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. By midday, your energy levels are usually in decline so this is often the best time to do boring, routine stuff such as setting appointments and meetings, running errands, and answering emails.

By the evening, you are usually winding up your office work and preparing to hit the sack or just thinking of relaxing and watching TV. This is often the best time to plan and prep for the next day.

Make a To-Do List (Get Specific)

Making a to-do list is often a great way to set a routine and get things done. While many people just choose to loosely outline every part of their day, others prefer getting specific. If you want to set an iron-clad morning routine that lays out tasks along with their timings for you, that’s a good idea, too! Most people prefer detailed to-do lists, at least, until they get into the routine.

Test Drive Your New Routine

Just like a new car, a new routine requires a test drive to see how it will run. You should see how it feels to have a new routine: if you’re able to achieve tasks and if your everyday activities make sense. If you feel like you’re lagging behind or something isn’t working out for you, there’s always an option to switch up things to see how it goes.

Setting a routine can be quite a daunting task at first. However, you can expect to reap the rewards once your productivity soars. Nothing is set in stone, so make sure that you tweak your routine until you find one that works best for you!

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How to Set a Routine

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