Free Number 1 Coloring Page

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Thankful Coloring Page For Kids

Number 1 Coloring Page

Download your favorite free Number 1 Coloring Page here! Right-click on any image below and save it as an image to print. Or click on any of the buttons at the end of this post to download. If you just want to try coloring a page here online, please go ahead:

Children love to color, and it’s something that they continue to enjoy throughout their childhoods. In fact, some research suggests that coloring can be a great way for children to improve their concentration and hand-eye coordination, making it a great activity to do together as a family.

If you’re looking for a special activity for your child that will help to increase their concentration and hand-eye coordination, coloring is a great option. It’s a great way for children to develop their imagination and creative skills, and also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

It doesn’t matter which age group you’re coloring for, as there’s sure to be something that appeals to children of all ages. From toddlers to teens, everyone loves to color!

Add Color And Activities To Your Child’s Day

One of the best things you can do to encourage your child’s love of coloring is to incorporate it into their daily activities. For example, you could let them color while they watch their favorite TV show or while they’re doing their homework.

You could also have a color war, with one condition – they have to color all over their favorite piece of clothing! The goal is to get your child to appreciate the art of coloring and learn how to use a variety of different design and coloring skills.

Try A New Color Together

When your child is younger, it’s probably a good idea to stick to traditional colors, as these are the colors that children are most likely to be interested in. Once your child is a bit older, try to introduce them to new colors that are a bit more grown-up, such as blues and greens.

It’s also a good idea to let your child choose the color that they want to use, as this can help to encourage them to use a variety of different colors.

You could even try letting your child choose the theme of their coloring page. For example, they could decide that they want to color the moon, or they could choose to draw some clouds. This can help to encourage your child to think outside the box and come up with unique designs.

Teach Your Child How To Color Inside The Lines

One of the ways that your child can improve their coloring skills is by learning how to color inside the lines. This will help to improve their accuracy, and will also help to increase their sense of design as they’ll be able to create more complex designs with fewer mistakes.

You can help to teach your child how to color inside the lines by practicing alongside them. Hold the crayon to your child’s desired line, and then let them take over once they’re able to copy your movements. This will help to familiarize them with the line, and also help to keep them focused.

You could also try coloring some household objects, such as the walls, chairs, or tables. This will help to develop your child’s observational skills, as they’ll have to think about what color goes where!

Let Your Child Choose The Coloring Material

Another way to encourage your child to color inside the lines is to let them choose the coloring material. This can be a bit of a challenge if you have a child who’s a bit older, as they may have their heart set on using the blender that’s in the kitchen!

When choosing the coloring material, make sure that you choose something that’s safe for your child to use. You could try using markers, crayons, colored pencils, gel pens or even watercolors.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

As your child gets older, you may want to try a bit of creative coloring to help them to expand their coloring skills even more. This could include things like having your child draw the picture, choosing the colors, or even mixing the colors themselves.

This can encourage your child to think more creatively, and also help to develop their artistic skills. Try to come up with some coloring challenges that your child may enjoy, such as doing a drawing in one color and using two different colors to create the drawing.

Let Your Child Share Their Artwork

Another way to encourage your child to color inside the lines is by letting them share their artwork with you. This can be a great way for your child to gain some self-confidence, as they’ll often be the center of attention when you have their artwork displayed in front of you.

You can let your child know that you’ll be looking at their artwork from a different perspective every day, and you can even ask them to draw something that you’re likely to see while you’re out and about. This could be the scenery, the people that they see, or even the signs that they see.


Learning how to color is a great skill to have, and it’s one that will serve your child well throughout their childhood and beyond. By making it a priority to spend time with your child doing something that they enjoy, you can help to ensure that they have a lot of positive and enriching experiences.

Start coloring now by downloading and printing the Number 1 Coloring Page below!

Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page 1 Design 2

Color Number 1

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