Free Number 9 Coloring Page

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Number 9 Coloring Page

Check out the Number 9 Coloring Page further below and download it for free! Right-click on any image below and save it as an image to print. Or click on any of the buttons at the end of this post to download. If you just want to try coloring a page here online, please go ahead:

Are you looking for a way to spend some quality time with the little ones but don’t know how? Do you feel like your child is already too obsessed with their devices? Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to keep the little ones quiet for a while? If any or all of these sound like you, then this post is for you!

I’ve got some fun and creative ways to keep the kids busy on a rainy day that don’t involve electronics or TV. Check out my list of fun activities for rainy days below now! Whether you’re looking for something relaxing or creative, there’s something for everyone here. Let’s get started.

Color a Rainy Day Coloring Page

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to incorporate coloring into your rainy day activities, this is your chance! I have prepared for you a fun set of Number 9 Coloring Page, which you can download further below. Simply download the coloring page you wish to color and print it off and start coloring!

Doodle with Your Kid on Dry Erase Paper

We all know how much kids love to draw and create. You can keep them busy with a rainy day activity that doesn’t involve electronics by turning to dry erase paper. You can also use chalk or pastels if you prefer those mediums. Let your kids loose on the paper with crayons or colored pencils. Then sit back and enjoy their artistic expressions as the day passes by.

Make Your Own Rainstick

A rainy day isn’t a rainy day without a rainstick! A rainstick is a long hollow tube that has small nails or pins arranged on its surface, which you can fill with tiny pebbles, beans, etc to stimulate the sound of the rain. You can make your rainstick easily by following this How To Make A Rainstick video:

Make a Sensory Bin

If your little ones feel a little overwhelmed by all the rain, this is the perfect solution. Create a sensory bin filled with stuff like crumpled-up paper, water beads, kinetic sand, feathers, etc. Let your child smooth out the paper, put their hands inside the sensory bin to feel the texture of the beads and sand, and feel the feathers to help soothe them. This is one of those rainy day activities that are great for calming and centering your child.

I came across a great video to show you how to create a sensory bin. Watch it here:

Make a Weather Journal

If your child likes to track the weather or predict the upcoming weather, this is a great rainy day activity for them. Create a journal of sorts where your child can record the weather conditions and storm sightings and doodle drawings of clouds and precipitation they witness. This will help your child process their feelings and tap into their creative side as they record their observations. Plus, they’ll have fun predicting what the upcoming weather conditions will be like!

Make a Weather Game

This is one of those rainy day activities that will help your child stay creative and busy. Create a weather puzzle, outdoor games, or a craft where you play together in the rain. This will help you spend time together and break the ice if you’ve been cooped up inside for the day.

Create an Indoor Rain Area

If the weather is bad enough to cancel school or if your tot is old enough, have them create an indoor rain area. Get out all the water toys, buckets, squirt guns, and more that you can find to fill the house with. This will keep your child busy for hours and allow you to stay inside and protect your little ones from the harsh weather. Sure, your tot may be complaining that they want to go out into the pouring rain to play, but if you keep the indoor activity exciting and fun, they’ll be content to stay inside and play with you.

Make It Fun

Keep your rainy day interesting and fun by breaking it up with different games, crafts, indoor acrobatics, etc.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy these different rainy day activities as much as I do. Don’t forget to save this post for future reference! If you know of any other fun, creative ways to keep the kids busy on rainy days, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Before you go, please download these super cute Number 9 Coloring Pages to use for your rainy days!

Coloring Page 9

Number 9 Coloring Page

Coloring Page 9 Design 2

Color Number 9

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