Top 10 Ways to Organize Homeschool

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Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Space

"TopToday, I will share my Top 10 tips with you to help you organize your homeschool.

I distinctly remember my first few months as a homeschool mother during the pandemic. My living room was always cluttered with books, stationery, toys, and board games. Late at night, while watching TV on my couch, I would often find a sharp pencil, a pair of scissors, or a crumpled piece of paper poking my behind.

It felt like no amount of cleaning or tidying up was enough to declutter my little homeschool. But gradually, with time, I learned a few tips and techniques that proved to be helpful in keeping my homeschool neat and tidy.

Today, I would like to share these tips and techniques with all the parents and teachers who find it a challenge to keep their homeschools clean and organized. So, here are my Top 10 tips on how to organize your homeschool space.

Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Space

Top 10 Ways to Organize Homeschool1. Designate a spacious, quiet, and well-lit area for your homeschool. Preferably an area or space that is not immediately visible to the people entering your home through the front door.
2. Clear out this area of all the extra furniture, home décor, and houseware.
3. Bring in extra shelves, storage boxes, cans, files, folders, and even bins to organize the stationery and other study equipment.
4. Create specific zones and areas for each activity. For example, have a separate area for arts and crafts, a comfortable floor mat near the bookshelf as the reading area, and so on.
5. Only purchase the stationery supplies that you need. While it is good to have spares, it clutters your homeschool and fails to make children responsible for their belongings.
6. You can also inculcate the habit of sharing to minimize the supplies and study equipment in your homeschool. Teach the children to take turns while reading a book, playing with a toy, or using stationery like water paints, crayons, etc.
7. Have a separate labeled storage box, organizer, shelf, or basket for each child. Instruct them to keep their files, notebooks, workbooks, and stationery pouches in their labeled organizers so that each child is responsible for maintaining and organizing his/her own space.
8. If your children are sharing a study desk, you can mark their designated areas on the table. Have a point system to encourage them to keep their area clean. For example, the child with the cleanest area on the table will get a golden star.
9. At the end of each activity, give your children 5 to 10 mins to clean up after themselves. Show them exactly where the books, stationery, toys, games, and loose papers should be placed.
10. To teach the habit of tidying up after themselves, you can take the help of the reward system. For example, if the children clean the area well and place everything back in its place, they can have some ice-cream after lunch.

[Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.]

I always feel that a homeschool teacher or parent’s job is to establish a system and introduce it to the children. Let them be the ones to practice and follow it. Hopefully, you will notice that your children will be in the driving seat when it comes to the top 10 ways to declutter your homeschool space.

Ashley Yeo

Top 10 Ways to Organize Homeschool
Top 10 Ways to Organize Homeschool

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