Best Preschool Homeschool Planners on Amazon

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Best Preschool Homeschool Planners on Amazon

Homeschool Planning Ahead

Being a newbie homeschool mother to your children or a homeschool teacher to a bunch of preschoolers is not a piece of cake.

It requires patience, careful planning, creative thinking, constant innovation, and continuous motivation. It is not as simple as learning a few rhymes and repeating them throughout the day.

Toddlers need constant stimulation that makes them curious about learning new things. They like to question, explore, dig up, deconstruct and experience things at their own pace.

To quench their thirst for knowledge and exploration, you must learn to be a well-organized homeschool teacher who has her lessons and activities carefully planned for the day and upcoming weeks and months.

To help you plan your lessons and stay organized, you will need the best preschool homeschool planners.

Why Do You Need Preschool Homeschool Planners?

Homeschool Preschool Planner Planning

Using a preschool homeschool planner to plan your lessons and organize your coursework will help you chart your homeschool classes’ progress.

It will help you see whether you are on your way to successfully covering everything you were supposed to cover for this year’s school curriculum or whether you are still far behind and need to improve your lesson plans for the coming school year.

The use of preschool homeschool planners for your preschool students will also help you learn several tips and tricks along the way.

Quite a few preschool homeschool planners come with short guide notes at the side of the pages or the back that will teach you how to successfully plan a lesson for your preschoolers and keep them engaged and motivated throughout the year.

Having your lessons planned will also help you arrange the resources and materials you need for the coming week’s activities, such as paints, pots, canvases, toys, games, workbooks, worksheets, etc.

Another main reason for using a preschool homeschool planner for your homeschool classes is that these planners will update you about the public holidays or important observances throughout the nation.

You can use these occasions as an opportunity to educate your students on the different cultural or religious occasions or plan around these days so that all your lessons are completed ahead of time, and you and your family can together skip homeschooling classes for the day and enjoy the holiday and the festivities of the occasion.

The main purpose of preschool homeschool planners is to help you prioritize your tasks, set goals and stick to them, and stay organized in life. Only through proper planning will you be able to manage your time effectively and avoid last-minute stress and blunders.

Best Preschool Homeschool Planners on Amazon

Lesson Planner: Teacher Agenda for Class Organization and Planning

Product Specifications:

No. of Pages: 144

Author: Emmeline Bloom

The floral design lesson planner by Emmeline Bloom has been updated for the 2021 academic year. This lesson planner allows you to maintain daily, weekly, and monthly plans and to-do lists, helping you sort and organize your lessons and all the tasks that need to be done.

Bloom has designed a lesson planner that has lots of space to write and make additional notes. They have especially considered that even if long notes are written on the pages, the planner should look clutter-free.

The planner features inspirational quotes and affirmations to further motivate homeschool mothers and keep them on track. The beautiful and durable cover of this lesson planner has been designed with high-quality paper, and its floral theme further enhances the appeal of this preschool homeschool planner.

This lesson planner is arranged so that you should work on the weekly planning on Mondays. There are 7 slots for each day of the week. Each day you will pick a different subject, and under that, you will plan your lesson for that subject.

Each Sunday, you are to focus on the monthly planning. The planner even shows the common observances or public holidays in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

There is also a class list that shows you a list of up t0 30 students in your homeschool. Along with this, a birthday list has been provided so that you can jot down your students’ birthdays and arrange something fun for the occasion.

Teacher Plan Book

Product Specifications:

No. of Pages: 96

Authors: Darlene Spivak & Jaqueline B. Clemens

This spiral-bound teacher’s planner contains plenty of space and slots to organize and plan your homeschool lessons. The preschool homeschool planner also features guide notes that help the homeschool teachers prepare their lessons in a methodical manner.

It will help the homeschool teachers to stay on track and follow through the week or the month effortlessly.

The plan book also comes with a seating chart to help you organize the seating arrangement of your homeschool. This will help you minimize distractions during lesson deliveries and ensure that each student gets the individual attention they need.

The Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans for Children 3 to 6

Product Specifications:

No. of Pages: 544

Author: Kathy Charner

Homeschool teachers have designed the Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans to help you plan your lessons. Its 250 pages provide complete lesson plans and cover all the important topics for preschoolers, such as the colors, numbers, seasons, family, and nursery rhymes.

Every lesson plan has its own learning objectives, a timed activity that is to be completed in a group, a list of reference books that should be read for additional knowledge, snack ideas, five activities that should be done at the learning center, strategies for assessment, related songs, poems, and fingerplays.

Celebrate Learning Academic Teacher Planner

Product Specifications:

No. of Pages: 128

Author: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

The Celebrate Learning Academic Teacher Planner is an undated weekly and yearly lesson planner. It allows preschool homeschool teachers to set clear goals for their coming academic year and stay organized and focused by planning.

With the help of this lesson planner, they can easily plan, divide and teach an entire year’s curriculum and more to their homeschool students.

This preschool homeschool planner contains communication logs, substitute information, contact pages, a notes section, and checklists to help the homeschool teachers keep all the essential information in one place.

Along with that, this 128-page preschool homeschool planner also has graph sheets that can be used to make seating charts and sketch plans for the arrangement and organization of the homeschool classroom.

The Celebrate Learning Academic Teacher Planner comes with 16 tab stickers, 21 accent stickers, and 9 to-do list stickers so that you can stick them on your desktop, reference books, on the pages of the planner, or even on your mirror as reminders or notes.

Apart from this, the planner can also be used to record the students’ grades and homework completion and mark their attendance.

Final Word

Homeschool Preschool PlannerTo stay on top of your game and be the best homeschool teacher for your preschool students, you must be well-organized and an avid planner.

But most importantly, you must follow through with your plans and aim to make your classes as fun-filled, interactive, and stimulating as possible.

To help you plan your weekly and monthly lessons, you can use the preschool homeschool planners I mentioned in this blog post.

These amazing planners have been designed by expert homeschool teachers who understand how difficult it can be to keep toddlers motivated and focused throughout the year.

All these planners are available on Amazon for as low as $8, so be sure to grab them soon!

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Best Preschool Homeschool Planners on Amazon

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