Crafter’s & Maker’s Coloring Planner (Coloring Power Planner Series)


Be inspired and organized with the Crafter’s & Maker’s Coloring Planner! This unique planner is part of the Coloring Power Planner Series and is designed especially for creative crafters and makers.

It combines both the fun of coloring and the power of planning, so you can make your ideas come to life with ease. With plenty of space for scheduling, to-do lists, and goal setting, plus beautiful illustrations to color, this planner is the perfect tool to keep your creative projects on track and make sure you never miss a deadline.

Unleash your creativity and get organized today with the Crafter’s & Maker’s Coloring Planner!


Crafter’s & Maker’s Coloring Planner (Coloring Power Planner Series)

This 26-page Crafter’s & Maker’s Coloring Planner (flip through all the planner pages in the flipbook below) is a beautiful, easy-to-use coloring planner for creative crafter and maker entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs. With plenty of useful planner layouts, this planner is perfect for everything from organizing your thoughts to keeping track of your to-do lists.

Check Out Your Crafter’s & Maker’s Coloring Planner Below

Planner Pages in Your Crafter’s & Maker’s Coloring Planner

  • Business Profile
  • Password Keeper
  • Craft Product Planner
  • Let’s Get Organized
  • Craft Product Summary
  • Craft Product Pricing Worksheet
  • Project Wish List
  • Craft Supplies
  • Craft Supplies Inventory
  • Products Inventory
  • Comparing Suppliers
  • Supplier Directory
  • Customer Order Form
  • Thank You Gift Cards
  • Customer Feedback
  • Monthly Goal Planner
  • Monthly Sales Tracker
  • Goal Planner
  • Monthly Marketing Log
  • Social Media Content Ideas
  • Income Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Yearly Profit Tracker

The black and white edition doubles up as a coloring book so that you can color the pages when you feel stressed planning your crafter business. Get creative with your colored pens, colored pencils, markers, and other mediums that can be used on these beautiful coloring pages.

Start planning your creative business with success now! 

Ashley Yeo

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