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I am so glad our paths crossed, and you have landed on my site stuffed with juicy journaling pages.

Today, I am giving you a set of juicy positivity journaling pages. Please add them to your shopping cart now and checkout absolutely free of charge.

Have great fun journaling in them and releasing your feelings and pent-up frustrations on your journal pages.

Benefits Of Journaling

From my personal experience, journaling is both fun and therapeutic. I practice journaling for positivity and self-care. The beauty of journaling is that you can journal almost any time of the day to relieve your pent-up stress or frustrations.

I have tried various ways of coping with my daily anxiety and stress. I love journaling the most because it is a fuss-free and low-budget technique, which does not require expensive equipment to kick-start.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen. Jot down your feelings and viola; you have your first journal entry.

Journaling has enabled me to reflect on my past, present, and future. I am grateful that my journals have given me the means to reflect on my journey and adventures and revel in my beautiful memories.

By journaling, I have been able to create a positive vision of my future. Journaling has also given me a quick and fuss-free way to keep track of my daily activities, accomplishments, dreams, and goals.

I have also been able to create new positive habits and achieve my goals and dreams more readily with journaling.

Journaling Routine

I used to do spots of sporadic journaling without any journaling plan to journal for joy. I would start journaling as and when I felt like it.

But I believe that if you want to get the most out of your journaling sessions, you need to have a journaling routine.

Perhaps you can start journaling when you first wake up or journal just before you go to bed. Maybe you could squeeze in a bit of journaling during your lunch break for a quick pick me up. Or you could journal on your long commute to work.

I find that I get the most mileage out of journaling when I journal down my thoughts and feelings every single day.

My Pretty Juicy Journal Printables

I know that a lot of you find that journaling is difficult because you have no idea what to journal about. That’s where my pretty journal printables come in handy.

I have different journal printables for you to choose from. I have blank journals, lined journals, and even guided journals where I prompt you what to journal about.

If you have access to a computer and printer, you can easily create a customized printable journal with my pretty printable journal pages.

You can also print off my pretty journal printables to integrate within your existing journals, planners, notebooks, scrapbooks, and the list goes on. Journaling can be so much fun with just a little imagination!

You can also use my beautiful journal printables to DIY customized journals for your family and friends. What a wonderful gift that would make.

You can also set up journaling sessions in your house with like-minded journaling buddies. You guys can sit down for fun journaling sessions where you throw up journaling ideas, journal in your juicy journals, and make even more journals with my journal printables.

My pretty journal printables, which include printable journal pages, journaling prompts, journaling cards, journaling stickers, journaling inserts, journaling dividers, and more, will drive you wild with excitement!

The best part about journaling is that it is so flexible, you can use it as a story maker for every event in your life. Journaling does not need to be just about your feelings and thoughts. You can journal about your fun family events like Christmas and even keep beautiful pictures of your Christmas gatherings inside your journal.

A journal can be used in the same way as a scrapbook! You can also double up your journal as a planner to plan your day and jot down your to-do lists. Your journal can be both a juicy journal for your thoughts and an excellent planner for your schedules. Isn’t that amazing?

Be Proud Of Your Journal

Stop journaling all over the place, and on scrap pieces of paper you will lose track of. It would be best if you kept all your journal entries in a beautiful bound journal to keep you motivated to write more.

The key to keeping track of your journaling sessions is to keep your journal writing as organized as possible, so you’re goal-oriented and not fall behind your journaling schedule.

You should have a beautiful journal you are incredibly proud of, one that contains all of your writing, feelings, and thoughts.

If you keep your journal organized and stick with your journaling schedule, I sincerely believe that your journal will be your best coach for helping you stay positive, focused on your goals and dreams.

I Journal For Joy, What’s Your Superpower? 

Ashley Yeo

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