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Are you a disorganized and haphazard homeschool mom? Are you constantly stressed by your homeschool curriculum, schedule, and budget? Do you wish your homeschool was more fun and relaxed?

Well, the answer is simple. You need to learn how to manage your time in order to stay productive and organized, and you must plan for your homeschool success with a customized homeschool planner tailored for your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

To have a successful homeschool, you need to start strategizing your HOMESCHOOL SUCCESS with a smart Time Management, Productivity and Organizational Plan and Homeschool Planner customized to your needs.

Homeschool Planner, Happiness and Peak Productivity Club is a treasure trove of printable homeschool resources designed to help homeschool moms such as yourself stay organized and productive so that you can run a fun and positive homeschool, and lead the dream homeschool lifestyle that you covet.

When you sign up now, you get immediate access to my Time Management, Productivity and Organizational Courses for Busy Bee Homeschool Moms and thousands of fun and useful homeschool printables in my store, such as pretty homeschool planner printables and more fun homeschool printables, such as coloring, journaling, positivity, self-care printables, etc. These printables are designed to help you assemble a customized homeschool planner to help you achieve your homeschool goals, aspirations, and dreams while staying positive and relaxed.

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Homeschool Planner, Happiness And Peak Productivity Club – Why Do You Need A Homeschool Planner?

As a busy mother and advocate of positive productive parenting, I can empathize with you on many levels. I understand what it is like to be a homeschooling mother, a working mom, a supportive partner to your spouse, and an active member of society. I know your daily struggles, sleepless nights, and hectic days as you try to perfect every role, complete every task, manage all your commitments and deliver nothing less than your very best to the world and those around you.

I can understand what it feels like always to rush and multitask your way through the day because you are running short of time. Unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances keep throwing your planning off the track, and you feel like your life is no longer in your control. You end up canceling meetings for your next big business venture to make more time to address your current clients’ issues.

You bail on plans with your friends to make time to go to the book store and purchase that set of workbooks for your 1st grader. And you might even be making excuses to visit your parents or siblings in the next town or city because this weekend, you plan on cleaning and organizing your cluttered homeschool classroom.

You are sacrificing on your Me-Time to make more time for your children, spouse, and home. And whenever someone asks you for your availability for something fun and exciting, you end up turning it down because you are BUSY.

If you are a busy bee homeschool mom and relate to everything that I have mentioned above, then my dear friend, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to feel so alone and helpless on this journey.

To help you manage your time, be productive and organized, I have designed a unique and fun Homeschool Planner, Happiness, and Peak Productivity Club for you.

To have a successful homeschool, you need to learn how to manage your time in order to stay productive and organized, and you must plan for your homeschool success with a customized homeschool planner tailored for your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

You must start strategizing your HOMESCHOOL SUCCESS with a smart Time Management, Productivity and Organizational Plan and Homeschool Planner customized to your needs.

[su_box title=”Plan For Your Success With A Homeschool Planner ” box_color=”#FF0066″]Planning for success is an essential part of your successful homeschooling lifestyle.[/su_box]

What Is The Best Homeschool Planner For Homeschool Moms and Homeschool Educators? How To Pick The Best Homeschool Planner That Works for You

The best homeschool planner for your family and yourself is a customized version, which caters to your family’s homeschool schedule and family life schedule. Therefore, I always recommend that you make your planner for homeschoolers rather than get a store-bought version that is made for the masses.

Your customized homeschool planner can help you lead a more productive homeschool mom life, manage your selected homeschool curriculum more efficiently and run a happier school. It is possible to lead a more systematic homeschool life and have more time for yourself when you have a structured homeschool plan to follow.

You can use my planner pages as a starter template kit to plan and jot down your homeschool schedule, lesson plans, homeschool goals, daily appointments, daily meals, lesson contents from the curriculum you are using, curriculum publishers you are interested in etc.

You can also use my planner checklist pages to create your complete checklist, homeschool subject list, science supply list, list of supplies, supply lists, and the list goes on.

What Should Be Included In A Homeschool Planner And What’s Included In Your Homeschool Planner Club

Sign up now for my exclusive premium Homeschool Planner, Happiness and Peak Productivity Club, and download thousands of pretty printables and counting to help you lead your dream fun, productive, and organized homeschool lifestyle!

You will receive the following homeschool planning printables and digital resources, worth hundreds of dollars if you were to purchase them individually from my store:

Time Management, Productivity and Organizational Courses

Time Management, Productivity and Organizational Courses, including the 20 Week Smart Time Management Course.

In the 20 week online Weekly Course for Busy Been Homeschool Moms, I will teach homeschool mothers how to manage their time effectively. I will teach homeschool mothers how they can complete all of their tasks and commitments in the 24 hours they have during the day.

Every weekly lesson is well-researched, to the point, and comes with actionable tips that homeschool mothers can follow to make more time for themselves. I use real-life examples, case studies, time management theories, and expert advice from world-renowned time management gurus to deliver a comprehensive course on Time Management for Busy Bee Homeschool Moms.

After enrolling in this 20 Week Course on Time Management, you, as a busy bee homeschool mother, will be able to identify where you were going wrong and what you must do now to ensure that you can complete all your planned tasks within the limited number of hours. You will also become prepared to tackle the unexpected events that may eat into your time and still have time for some well-deserved rest.

20 Weekly Course Topics on Time Management:

Week 1 – The Power of 168 Hours
Week 2 – Set Your Priorities Straight
Week 3 – Get Your Planning Right
Week 4 – Effective Multitasking
Week 5 – Delegating Task
Week 6 – Working Backwards
Week 7 – Block Scheduling
Week 8 – Using Technology for Creating To-Do-Lists
Week 9 – The Importance of Saying No
Week 10 – Theories of Time Management: The Pomodoro Technique
Week 11 – Theories of Time Management: The Pickle Jar Theory
Week 12 – Theories of Time Management: Parkinson’s Law
Week 13 – Theories of Time Management: The ABC Method
Week 14 – Theories of Time Management: The Pareto Principle
Week 15 – Theories of Time Management: The ALPEN Method
Week 16 – How to Stop Procrastination?
Week 17 – The Practice of Rewarding Yourself
Week 18 – Time Management Practices of Successful People – Part 1
Week 19 – Time Management Practices of Successful People – Part 2
Week 20 – The Importance of Time Management

Productive and Organized Homeschool Mom Printables and Digital Resources (scroll further down for some examples)

Bonuses (scroll further down for some examples)

As a member, you will gain access to all the digital homeschool planners, printables, and resources I upload to my members’ area and all my past resources already uploaded (thousands of printable pages and counting) to the members’ area.

Everything in your membership area is either digital downloads, PDF downloads, or digital streams. I will not be sending you any hard copy versions of my products and resources. You will have to print the downloads off on your printer or get someone to print them for you. You will be able to make super pretty physical paper planners with these resources.

[su_box title=”See All The Pretty Printables And Resources In Your Club ” box_color=”#FF0066″]See all the digital resources and printables in your members’ area here.[/su_box]

How To Make Your Pretty Homeschool Planner Using My Planner Pages And Planner Resources

You can make your homeschool planner in just a few simple steps when you sign up as a member now:

1. Firstly, select the pretty planner pages and resources you love from the thousands (and counting) printables from your members’ area.

Then print off the pages you need on your home printer. You can print the printables on standard plain white paper (for example, letter size paper to make a letter-size planner), card stock paper, sticker paper, colored sheets, and the list goes on.

2. Once you have printed out the planner pages you love, you can choose to bind them using fancy planner discs or simply punch holes in them and place them in a durable binder. Some binders that I have used and love are the simple three-ring binder, 3-ring binder, cloth binder, handy binder, and sturdy binder. I usually use my binders, together with non-glare poly sheet protectors, as I love to store many planner goodies in my planners. You could also choose to bind the planner pages into a spiral notebook.

Your unique homeschool planner can be as fancy or as minimalist as you wish it to be. You can make any paper planner you fancy! It is up to your imagination with regard to the DIY customization of your unique homeschool planner.

If you wish to have multiple planners, you can print and reprint the planner pages that you love and use them in different planners for your different kids or personal planners for yourself. It does not matter whether you have a child in preschool and another in middle school. You can customize basic student planners for each of your children.

You can choose to make a weekly planner, monthly planner, teacher planners, academic planner, and the list goes on. With thousands of printable pages and so many planner options, and custom planner layout options to choose from in your club, you will be spoilt for choice.

Whatever your homeschooling style, or whichever homeschool curriculum you are using, my homeschool planner club has planner pages to satisfy your multiple homeschool planning styles and delightful planning systems.

Stop worrying that you will run out of space in your planner to scribble down all your thoughts and plans, as your customized planner will have plenty of room for all your homeschool plans, homeschool subject notes, attendance records, key appointments, weekly appointments, and lovely ideas for your non-homeschool days. Don’t you love planners with space for all your beautiful plans!

Customize And Make Your DIY Homeschool Planner

Yes, your planner can be an all-in-one planner journal and coloring book if you desire it to be that way. That’s why it’s so much fun making your own DIY customized homeschool planner rather than just buying a popular homeschool planner from the mass market.

Planning in your pretty planner certainly beats planning on scrap pieces of paper, undesirable boring planners made for the mass market, and expensive, dated planners that you cannot use again once the year is over.

You can use your planner to plan everything from your monthly reading lists, student schedule, personal growth goals, field trip checklists, detailed lesson plans you have created yourself or professional lesson plans you have purchased from the lesson plan marketplace, language arts plans, preschool plans, and the list goes on.

Stop using a traditional homeschool planner or traditional planner, which has a one size fits all planner pages, and start making your planner today! You can even go crazy making a 180-page lesson planning guide!

You no longer have to save money to purchase all your favorite planners, popular planners, paper homeschool planners, online homeschool planners out there in the market, and also favorite planning resources like productivity guides for your various planning needs. Just sign up for my pretty planner club!

This is a unique homeschool planner printable membership for homeschool moms who want to customize their dream homeschool planner with pretty printable planner pages, such as the following types of planner pages:

  • daily planner pages
  • homeschool lesson planner pages
  • weekly planner pages
  • weekly homeschool planner pages
  • monthly planning pages
  • 12-month planner pages
  • yearly teacher planner pages
  • lesson planning pages
  • note pages to make your notebooks
  • beautiful pages for record-keeping
  • calendar pages
  • beautiful planner cover sheets you can place into your standard view-front binder
  • meal planning pages
  • budget planning pages
  • to-do list planner pages 
  • hour planner pages
  • pages for your shopping lists and monthly to-do lists 
  • bullet journal homeschool pages
  • simple notebook pages to jot down your vital school records
  • checklist pages for you to create your checklist systems to stay more productive 
  • quick note pages
  • positivity and self-care pages
  • journaling pages
  • coloring pages; and
  • many more pretty printable pages! 

Types Of DIY Homeschool Planners You Can Make

Here are some types of paper homeschool planners, which you can make with my online planner resources:

  • ultimate homeschool planner
  • homeschool day planner
  • weekly homeschool planner
  • unit study planner
  • Charlotte Mason homeschool planner
  • lesson planner
  • simple homeschool planner
  • day planner 
  • weekly & monthly planner 
  • daily lesson planner 
  • gorgeous spiral planner 
  • recollections goal planner 
  • recollections planner 
  • weekly planner checklist 
  • journal homeschool planner which has planner and journaling pages inside
  • attendance trackers
  • disc planner
  • coloring planner
  • journaling planner to record your entire life and daily schedule 
  • any other type of planner you desire.

What Makes My Homeschool Planner, Happiness, and Peak Productivity Club Great

If you are a disorganized and haphazard busy homeschool mom, constantly stressed by your homeschooling curriculum, schedule, and budget, or wish your school were more fun and relaxed, sign up for my membership now! 

When you download my printables, you are minutes away from discovering many actionable methods that I have used to become more productive and organized. As a result, you create more pockets of ME time for YOU and spend more quality time with your loved ones.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to:

1) Begin taking care of yourself and them today, not tomorrow.
2) Avoid burnout.
3) Avoid overwhelm and exhaustion.

[su_box title=”A Brand New You!” box_color=”#FF0066″]Think of your best possible life, with inner peace and calm, along with physical, mental, and emotional health once you start taking charge of your life, stay in control of your time and seize the hours in your day.[/su_box]

A More Productive And Organized You With Your Brand New Homeschool Planning Lifestyle

Imagine what it looks like. Experience it in your mind.

What do you see? How do you feel?

How big is the smile on your face?

[su_box title=”A More Productive And Organized You, With More ME Time” box_color=”#FF0066″]How incredible does it feel to be able to care for your loved ones better than you ever have before while also experiencing the magical effects of self-nurture and taking care of yourself? All this is because you have learned how to plan for success with your new homeschool planner.[/su_box]

Sign Up Now. What Are You Waiting For?

My Homeschool Planner, Happiness and Peak Productivity Club is available 24/7, even at 2 AM, so that you can start producing stellar homeschool mom results with my printables immediately.

Sign up for your exclusive club membership now, and see you on the inside! 

Ashley Yeo

Guarantee: I want you to be fully satisfied with my club. If you don’t see the value in staying on as a member, you will pay nothing. If you decide it’s not for you, email me at, and I will refund your membership in full – no questions asked.


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