I Pay It Forward Kindness Coloring and Craft Page Printables


Looking for a fun and meaningful way to teach your family about kindness? Check out my I Pay It Forward Kindness Coloring and Craft Page Printables!

These printable coloring pages were designed to shine a light on the power of kindness. Each coloring page features an inspiring message about the importance of empathy, generosity, and goodwill. Plus, there are plenty of creative projects that can be done with each design.

The I Pay It Forward Kindness Coloring and Craft Page Printables are perfect for both kids and adults alike. Kids will love bringing each design to life with their favorite colors, while adults can use the pages to spark meaningful conversations about compassion, gratitude, and selflessness within their families. And because these printables are easy to print at home or at any local printing shop, they make a great addition to any arts-and-crafts session with friends or relatives.

So don’t wait another minute–purchase your I Pay It Forward Kindness Coloring and Craft Page Printables today and discover all of the fantastic benefits this product has to offer!


I Pay It Forward Kindness Coloring and Craft Page Printables

I am excited to bring to you my super cool I Pay It Forward Kindness Coloring and Craft Page Printables! Notwithstanding the craziness of an unpredictable world, it’s easier for ourselves and the people around us if we remember to be kind and perform small random acts of kindness that will make another person smile.

Take A Look Inside Your Beautiful Bundle:

Inside Your Bundle:

Due to the large size of the files, I have split your craft bundle box into 28 smaller individual downloads. You will receive 28 pdf files containing 14 printable pages of random kindness crafts and 14 printable pages of random kindness tags. You can see all the different fun pages in the flipbook above.

Not Sure How To Perform Random Acts Of Kindness?

Spread KindnessHere are 9 random acts of kindness ideas for you!

Heal Yourself and the World – 9 Random Acts of Kindness

When life becomes a tangled web of negative news, upsetting emotions, and work overload, it’s hard to find ways to feel better. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is hang on and take every step to keep your mind and emotions positive.

One way to psychologically heal yourself is to perform random acts of kindness. The cool thing about doing random acts of kindness is that you feel great, and someone else feels blessed, too. By one simple act, two people will feel better about their lives.

Why not heal yourself and someone else through practicing kind acts? Try some of these suggestions or think of your lovely favors to do for others.

1. Deposit Money In A Vending Machine And Walk Away

If you work in a setting with food and beverage vending machines, an excellent, inexpensive way to give someone’s day a lift as well as your own is to deposit money in a machine and leave it for the next person.

* Whoever approaches the machine will see there’s money “waiting” for someone to make a product selection. They’ll get a free bag of chips or beverage of their choice.

2. Help The Elderly Carry Or Load Groceries Into Their Car

Step in to help struggling elderly persons tote items from a store to their vehicles. In the event the store has rolling carts for customers to use, offer to help an elderly person move the groceries from the cart into the car.

3. Open Doors For Others

Although there are still some who open doors routinely for others, it seems this simple random act of kindness has widely gone by the wayside. It does raise one’s spirit when someone takes the time and effort to open a door.

4. Invite A Person Who Lives Alone For An Impromptu Dinner At Your Home Or Via Zoom

Maybe you’ve just prepared your family’s favorite winter stew. Will having one more person at the table be okay? Send your spouse over to invite the person living next door for dinner. You’ll most likely enjoy some interesting conversation and get to know your neighbor better. If your circumstances don’t allow you to have guests over, have dinner online via Zoom, it will be fun to wine and dine over cyberspace. Any human touch is better than none, isn’t it?

5. Mail Your Grandparent A Letter

Even though you tend to e-mail most people to keep in contact, your grandparents would probably love to get a “real” letter or handwritten card from you.

* Sending such greetings monthly is one of the most low-cost random acts you can do that will bring a smile to your face as well as to the receiver’s.

6. Pitch In To Assist Your Neighbor Who’s Facing Financial Difficulties

KindnessYou could hire your neighbor to do random freelance jobs for you if he or she is having financial difficulties. Or you could help him or her look for a job. With a little bit of kindness and love, you and your neighbor will be thrilled with the results of your random act of kindness.

7. Give Something Away That You Don’t Use Anymore

Do you own a game system you don’t play? There could be a child right in your neighborhood that would love to have it. Please keep your eyes and ears open for what people around you say they want. You might own something you don’t even use that would bring great happiness to others.

* If you prefer, donate items to a charity.

8. Utilize Your Skills By Teaching Someone How To Do Something

Maybe it’s that fancy textured wall painting technique you learned how to do last year. Perhaps you’re a whiz using your new smartphone, and your friend just bought one and is perplexed.

* There are probably people all around you who would love for you to demonstrate your skills.

9. Speaking Of Learning, Sharing Knowledge With Others Is A Caring Thing To Do

For example, if you’re an expert small business owner or an experienced poet, imparting knowledge to others brings light to their lives. One of the best random acts of kindness is sharing information.

When you engage in caring behaviors toward others, you and the receiver experience a special kind of jubilation. Help heal yourself and the world by practicing random acts of kindness.

Are you excited about the possibilities of a kinder world? Download my I Pay It Forward Kindness Coloring and Craft Page Printables today to start the ball rolling!

Spread some love and cheer!

Ashley Yeo

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