June Coloring Pages For Great Coloring Fun


Are you shopping for a new pretty set of coloring pages for June?

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June Coloring Pages For Great Coloring Fun

June Coloring Pages

Hello! Here are your pretty June Coloring Pages for your coloring sessions!

As usual, I have themed your coloring bundle for June so that you can color in sync and style with the season and month.

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I have been feeling pretty cooped up lately in the house, so I have turned to coloring to help me unwind and recharge.

I have been experimenting coloring with watercolor brush pens lately, and so far, I really like them. I bought them on Amazon because I thought they were quite a good deal. I am the type of sucker who loves to buy large bundles for a good price so I thought that 100 watercolor pens for $19.96 was a pretty decent deal.

My only grievance with these watercolor brush pens is that the coloring can be pretty uneven as seen in this coloring canvas I have been working on with my toddler son, who as you can see, loves to color all over the place with no regards for coloring within the lines. Once we finish this coloring canvas (still a loooong way to go), I will probably purchase another coloring canvas by my favorite coloring book artist here.

Seascape Coloring Canvas
Seascape Coloring Canvas

The patchiness of the colors could also be due to my lack of coloring technique as well. I do enjoy coloring, but I haven’t quite mastered more sophisticated coloring techniques. I would really love to make more time for this hobby and when I do, I will share the new stuff I learn about coloring with you.

I don’t have any complaints with regards to these watercolor brush pens otherwise. I love them and use them all the time. I even use them for writing in DIY handmade cards as I love the calligraphy style of these pens.

You can check out other customer reviews on Amazon here.


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