My Lovely “H” Journal: Unicorn Series 100 Day Juicy Journal



Dear Unicorn Notebook Lover, Unicorn Believer, Juicy Journal Lover and Paper Fanatic,

This is a pretty unicorn monogram initial “H” journal notebook for you to enter your juicy journal entries. This unicorn notebook features your unicorn monogram letter “H” on the juicy journal notebook cover in glossy print.


  1. Inside this lovely unicorn journal, you will find 100 pretty pages of letter-sized (8.5 x 11, beautiful black and white print) lined paper for positive self-reflection and positive journaling
  2. This unicorn journal notebook is designed to help you to get to know yourself better and feel happier by writing a positive letter to yourself every day for the next 100 days. We prompt you to capture your experiences and feelings in your journal entries. We also prompt you to be honest with yourself when you journal. The idea is for you to journal freely and truthfully. There is also space for you to enter your life score for the day. The best way to use this as a positivity journal and gratitude journal is to reflect on the positive things in your life and jot them down daily rather than be all hung up on the negative bits of your life.
  3. Each page features a beautiful unicorn monogram “H” for your super fun journaling.
  4. You may use this unicorn notebook for your beautiful words, superb scribbles, serious scrawls and delicious doodles.
  5. We have priced this gorgeous unicorn notebook at an affordable price so that you have the option to collect all our unicorn notebooks or give them away as great gifts! If you know anyone who loves unicorns, pretty paper and journaling, why not gift them this unicorn journal today, yaye!

Ashley Yeo conjures seriously juicy journals, notebooks, planners, printables and paper stuff out of love, peaches and cream to help GIRL EXPLORERS feel POSITIVE and HAPPY via paper therapy. We do this by helping GIRL EXPLORERS harness their GIRL POWERS and discover POSITIVITY through discovering their PASSIONS and staying focused on their PASSIONS through streamlining their life flow and workflow for greater PRODUCTIVITY.

Ashley Yeo MAKES DREAMS COME TRUE for Girl Explorers, Unicorn and Narwhal Believers, Teen Girls, Boss Girls and any Gal who is Hopelessly Young at Heart and in love with Dangerous Dreams and Epic Expeditions.

Ashley Yeo is dedicated to CONCOCTING HAPPY CHARMS for pretty paper fanatics and GIRL EXPLORERS LIKE YOU who identify with positive dreams, princesses, unicorns and narwhals. We broach both fluffy and serious topics with a kidlike demeanor to sprinkle happiness confetti as cheerleaders for kidlike girls.

We hope our pretty paper stuff can help you release the HAPPY UNICORN in you. Please use our pretty paper for your epic words, juicy scribbles, super scrawls and yummy doodles.

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Ashley Yeo is the prolific pretty paper and paperback indie production alter ego of a PAPER PRINCESS who believes in PAPER THERAPY via words, scribbles, scrawls and doodles.

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Ashley Yeo publishes pretty printables for GIRL EXPLORERS interested in achieving GIRL POWERDOM.