Student Calendar Planner Printables 2021



Student Calendar Planner Printables 2021


Today I have a super cute set of student planner sheets for you. It is a bonus set of printables only for members of my Homeschool Happiness and Peak Productivity Club. Thus it is not for sale in my main store.

Kindly note that these sheets only run till August 2021. When August comes, I will upload a new student planner for you.

There are 81 printable pages in your student planner. I hope you can put these student planner pages to good use!

Take A Look Inside Your Student Planner

Here are some ideas on how you can use your student planner sheets –

1.Plan your homeschool schedule using it by writing down things you need to accomplish within your homeschool curriculum on the planner pages.

2. Use your planner sheets to jot down fun events you can participate in, which are in addition to your usual homeschool curriculum. Check out my free downloadable printable calendar events here for fun events you can take part in.

3. Color the black and white backgrounds of the planner pages and splash them with beautiful colors.

4. Print out multiple sets of these planner pages to make multiple student binders if you are homeschooling more than one kid.

5. Print out these planner pages to insert into your personal planner so that you can have one jumbo planner you can use for all your scheduling needs.

I hope you enjoy using your student planner as much as I do.

Stay productive and study hard!

Ashley Yeo