The Floral Notebook For Your DIY Notebook-Making Sessions


Are you shopping around for a gift for your mom? Why not make her a DIY notebook with The Floral Notebook pages from my store on Ashley Yeo?


The Floral Notebook For Your DIY Notebook-Making Sessions

I love floral notebooks as I love the pretty floral designs that motivate me to write on them. I always keep a cute notebook by my side as I never know when I will need to jot down to-do items and important dates and events and scribble ideas that pop into my head.

I buy a lot of physical notebooks as I cannot resist a pretty kawaii notebook. But I also make my notebooks as I find the process to be super fun and therapeutic. 

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for someone you know and love, you can consider making your DIY notebooks for them. I love DIY gifts as it shows the sincerity of the person giving me the present and they are unique and one of a kind!

A pretty notebook makes a beautiful and practical gift for moms as moms always need plenty of paper daily to jot things down before they forget something important. Moms can also do a lot of important planning in their notebooks, such as plan their meals for the week ahead or that important Father’s day celebration for good old papa.

However, notebooks can get pretty expensive, especially if you are a notebook lover like me who cannot resist purchasing pretty notebooks by the bulk. This is also one reason I started using printable notebook paper to create notebooks for myself.

I use my DIY notebooks for a wide variety of uses, such as journaling, planning, doodling, drawing, and managing my to-do lists, etc.

Take A Look At The Floral Notebook Pages That I Have Created For You

How Do You Make Notebooks At Home?

All you have to do is print these pretty floral notebook pages off on your home printer and then bind them together. Viola, you have a cute notebook now!

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I usually bind my notebook pages using planner discs (see image insert) from Amazon. Also,  I sometimes punch holes in the notebook paper and insert them into my pretty binders.

Alternatively, you could use some pretty paper clips to clip your pieces of notebook paper together or stapler them together to make your DIY notebooks real quickly.

I came across some pretty cool DIY notebook-making videos on Youtube and will share them with you here:

I hope you love this month’s The Floral Notebook pages that I have created for you. I also sell the physical version of The Floral Notebook on my Amazon shop. But it’s a lot more expensive than if you sign up for a FREE trial here to join my Homeschool Happiness club and download this notebook paper immediately, together with thousands more gorgeous printables you can use for your homeschool and mom life.

Enjoy your DIY notebook-making session! 

Ashley Yeo