Weekly Cleaning Planner And Food Inventory Planner


Do you find it hard to stay on track with your cleaning schedule? That’s because you don’t have a Weekly Cleaning Planner! Download this now!


Weekly Cleaning Planner And Food Inventory Planner

I have prepared a set of Weekly Cleaning Planner, and Food Inventory Planner pages for you this month as I feel that an organized and clean home is a healthy and happy home.

I believe that you need to stay organized and keep up with your cleaning sessions because once you fall behind on your cleaning schedule and all those dirty dishes and laundry start to pile up, you will begin to feel stressed. I speak from personal experience.

I find that having a set of weekly cleaning plans is a great way to stay on the ball for your cleaning sessions. You can use these cleaning pages to help you keep track of what needs to be done and what can wait to be done around your beautiful house. If you are a member of my Pretty Planner Productivity Club or Homeschool Happiness and Peak Productivity Club, you will know that I firmly believe in staying productive and planning your life so that you can stay positive and calm.

Also, having a cleaning plan makes it easier for you to delegate and share chores with your family members. This is a great way to teach your little ones the value of cleaning responsibilities and train them to be organized and responsible for their cleaning chores.

Everyone in your family can share a common home cleaning planner to keep track of your cleaning schedule. A weekly cleaning schedule makes it easier to keep track of your cleaning chores, stay on track of them, and finish cleaning the house with greater ease.

What’s Inside Your Weekly Cleaning Pack

Here is a list of all the weekly cleaning planner pages in this set:

  1. Cleaning Supplies List 
  2. Room Cleaning Checklist 
  3. Room Declutter Checklist 
  4. House Cleaning Planner 
  5. To-Do List 
  6. Notes 

In addition, I have also added some planner pages to help you keep your kitchen, and food inventory organized. Keeping your kitchen organized so that you can prepare your excellent meals with more ease is also a blissful way to keep your home healthy and happy.

Here is a list of the kitchen and food pantry pages:

  1. Pantry Inventory Page 
  2. Home Baking Supplies Page 
  3. Kitchen Inventory Page 
  4. Freezer Inventory Page 
  5. Fridge Inventory Page 
  6. Grocery Shopping List 

Fun Bonus Pages

As a bonus, I have also thrown in a few fun pages for you, as follows:

  1. Password Tracker Page 
  2. Bucket List Page 
  3. Movie To Watch Tracker Page 
  4. Book To Read Tracker Page 

Take A Look Inside Your Pretty Printable Weekly Cleaner Planner Pages

Easy Cleaning Tips For Ya

Here are some easy weekly cleaning tips you can follow to help you stay on track with your cleaning schedule and make your life easier:

Keep A Cleaning Planner

Print off the pages in this weekly cleaning planner page bundle, and keep them in a binder or stick them with cute pieces of magnets on your fridge. If you don’t have a binder or an organized system for keeping your planner pages, and you keep your cleaning planner pages strewn all over the house or jot down your chores on scrap pieces of paper, this disorganized manner will add to your stress.

Keep the binder in a place that everyone in the family has easy access to so that you can always refer back to it easily. It could be the living room or the kitchen. I leave it up to you.

After each of you has done your part for the cleaning, check off the lists in your planner so that everyone in the family is kept up to date with regard to the cleaning sessions.

It is also helpful to allocate a fixed amount of time to each cleaning task so as not to waste time when you are cleaning. For example, you can allocate half an hour to cleaning and organizing your living room, during which you are not allowed to do anything else so that you do not get distracted by the TV.

Use the To-Do List page and the note page to jot down your cleaning tasks, who the tasks have been allocated to, motivational notes for each other on your cleaning chores, things to throw away, your decluttering lists, etc.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Organized And Easily Available In An Area

If your cleaning supplies are all over the house, or you have to dig for them deep in your storage, it will make it harder for you to start your cleaning sessions, and you will waste time retrieving your cleaning supplies. Remember, any time you save on this can make up your ME time for yourself. Don’t waste your time!

Ensure that everyone in the family knows where the cleaning supplies are and that they retrieve and place back the cleaning supplies in an organized fashion so that you do not mess up your cleaning supplies area. That will add to more cleaning and decluttering tasks for you, which eats away your ME Time! Write down where all your cleaning supplies are on your weekly cleaning planner pages, please.

Stick To Your Cleaning Schedule

It is essential to stick to your cleaning schedule so that you create a cleaning habit. It can be challenging to create a habit, but it’s worth the effort.  Once you have a cleaning habit, you will find it easier to stick to your cleaning schedule.

If you find yourself getting distracted by life’s tasks such as fetching your kids from school, paying the bills, etc., and this interferes with your cleaning schedule, allocate time to all these tasks so that you attend to these tasks on a specific day and time.

It can be easier said than done since life loves to throw curveballs, but the best way to manage these curveballs and stay calm is to ensure that your other tasks don’t get pushed back with the arrival of these sickening challenges. When you fall behind on all your tasks due to the curveballs, you will find that you have a lot more to handle than just the curveballs, and that will add to your stress.

I firmly believe in home organization to keep things smooth and stay on the ball in your life. Please join me as I learn how to stay productive and manage my time to keep calm, stay mindful and most importantly, stay positive…

Ashley Yeo